Concorso di poesia "Keats and Shelley Memorial House"

Grandi successi per i nostri studenti anche nella lingua inglese!

Alessandro Amin Tulli, studente del primo anno, ha infatti vinto il primo premio del concorso annuale di poesia indetto dalla "Keats and Shelley Memorial House", con una poesia in lingua inglese sul tema "Exile".

Congratulazioni ad Alessandro per il risultato conseguito!

Di seguito il testo della poesia, volutamente senza titolo:

In realms unknown, where shadows intertwine,
Exiled hearts yearn for a fleeting sign.
Banished from the hearth’s warm embrace,
Silhouettes of exile, a haunting grace.
Across horizons, their names softly fade,
In the kingdom of longing, dreams betrayed.
Lost within the threads of time’s cruel art,
Nostalgia’s echo tears the soul apart.
Yet in darkness, a resilient flame,
Hope persists, a whisper without a name.
Exile May bind, but spirits rise,
A journey through trials, under moonlit skies.
Beneath star-strewn skies, where memories gleam,
Strength emerges, a silent, steady stream.
Footsteps of the exiled, a dance in the sand,
Navigating time’s vast and endless strand.
Mountains stand tall, witnesses to plight,
Guardians of stories, in the still of night.
Rivers murder tales in their winding flow,
Carrying echoes of the exiles’ woe.
Sunset hues weave stories untold,
A palette of emotions in red and gold.
In the theatre of life, a cosmic play,
Exiles find solace in the light of day.
Galaxies swirl in a celestial ballet,
A dance of stars, guiding the way.
Mysteries unfold in the cosmic sea,
Whispers of exile, wild and free.
So let these verses weave their rhyme,
A tapestry of exile, marking the time.
Eighty lines etched in the book of life,
A poetic journey, a symphony rife.